Mornings on the Alpaca Farm

I love mornings on the farm. The alpacas like to get out and graze early in the mornings up on the hill in our main pasture.  It is a pretty way to start the day, no matter the season.  I begin each day with a cup a tea and take a moment to look out at the alpacas in each pasture as the day is getting started.

Fall is coming and we are all loving the cooler mornings. I went out yesterday with the alpacas and took pictures of the mist over the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. You can already see some leaves starting to change.  Plan a trip up to our alpaca farm this fall to enjoy this gorgeous time of year.  Right now, there are just hints of color here and there, which are fun to seek out.  The peak leaf season in our section of the parkway is usually around mid-October, but it varies a bit every year.  We’ll be putting up posts occasionally to let you know how the leaf changing is coming along this month and next.

If you want to see more pictures of our alpacas in the morning, visit our Facebook Page at  You can also see the pictures through the following link.

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