Alpaca Crias Playing

Alpaca crias love to play and we love to watch them.  There is nothing more fun than looking out the window to see alpaca crias pronking through the pasture or wrestling.

We have observed that the girls tend to be runners, and love to get everyone pronking and then will take off running as fast as they can, leaving the boys behind.  It is great exercise for them and they even occasionally get their moms running around the pasture with them.  I keep trying to get a good video or pictures of the crias pronking, but so far the best I’ve done is the recent video I placed on Facebook.

Our boy alpaca crias will happily run and pronk with the girls, but they love to wrestle.  The other day,  I caught our fall crias having a great time wrestling.  Obsydyan (born Oct 28) and Timbuctoo (born Oct 18) are to the left, and Lightening Bolt (born Sept 14) and Sunspot (born Sept 26) are to the right.

Alpaca crias will wrestle and nip at each others’ feet until one of them pins the other down.  Then they usually jump right up and start all over again.

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