Alpaca Slippers now in stock – all sizes

Reversible Slippers, wear them with fleece inside or outside

We have just got some new reversible alpaca slippers in stock.  These incredibly warm and soft slippers can be worn with either the alpaca fleece or alpaca fabric on the inside.  A padded insert sole provides extra cushion for your feet.

The slippers come in 5 sizes:  Extra Small (Children’s Large; Ladies 3/4/5;) Small (Ladies 5/6/7; Mens 4/5/6); Medium (Ladies 7/8/9; Mens 6/7/8); Large (ladies 9/10/11, mens 8/9/10) and XL (ladies 10/11, mens 11/12).

Each pair is unique

The slippers and the sole insert are both hand washable, though the slippers should be washed gently and not left to soak.  After they are completely dry they can be brushed gently with a wire brush to fluff.  The fleece side can also be freshened up when dry by brushing with a little baby powder and a wire brush.

These beautiful alpaca slippers are now in stock in all sizes.  Visit our online store to see our selection, or come by the store and try on a pair.

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