Alpaca Videos

Here are three short videos of the alpacas having fun.

The first is a short video of a few of our alpaca crias. June Delight (9 months) comes over to greet some of the little boys, J Dubs (7 months) on the far right, Wind Power (6 months) in the middle, and Hyppogryff (8 months) the grey boy on the left.

Crias Greeting Each Other

The second is also of the alpaca crias. In this one, the little boys are running in the closer pasture: Hyppogryff, Wind Power, Ten Ten Ten (nicknamed Thirty), and J Dubs 40 (Dubbie). June Delight is on the other side of the fence. Keep your eye on her, right at the end of the video she leaps into the air.

Alpaca Crias Running

The third video shows the girls on April 7. The alpacas always get excited when we open a new pasture. It was herd health day for the girls (boys had theirs the day before), so everyone got a shot and their toenails trimmed. When we let them out of the pen and they realized that they had access to a totally new pasture, they were ready to party. You can see some of the girls running full out, and others happily pronking. The Black Pearl is the main one pronking and leaping in the foreground (she’ll be two in Oct, but is still very much a little girl in personality). At the end, the brown alpaca that falls behind everyone is Silhouette. She is our only Peruvian born alpaca and is now 18 years old. She has slowed down a bit, but still enjoys a run with the girls now and then.

Alpacas Celebrating

These videos are all up on Peaceful Heart Alpacas Facebook Page. You may find they are quicker to watch from there. Visit our page and Like it to be the first to see updates to our calendar, new pictures and other news.

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