Shearing is Done!

Shearing is done for 2012, now on to sorting and processing all that lovely alpaca fiber

Shearing is done on the farm this year. Thanks to David for his excellent work shearing and to Claire and Susan Gleason for their help getting everyone shorn.

Now on to the next task. We sheared 57 alpacas and over 280 pounds of fiber this year (you can see the bags of fiber stacked behind David in clear and black bags as he cleans up his shears). I will be working to skirt and sort the fiber to be made into rovings and yarns.

You can read more about the process we go through while shearing our alpacas in an earlier post. You can also find more information on the next step, sorting and processing our alpaca fiber into yarn and rovings. You can also see pictures from shearing this year on our Facebook page.

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