New Alpaca Sales Lists Posted

Our January 2013 sales lists for male and female alpacas are now online. Each season we review our herd to decide which alpacas to make available for sale.  These decisions always require a lot of thought and discussion among the family as we take into account the genetics of everyone involved and how all our alpacas fit into our farm’s breeding goals.  We also take into account who has sold during the previous season, and make sure we not only maintain our genetic diversity, but have a very diverse group of alpacas available to offer for sale.

We have added some new faces to our female alpacas for sale.  This group of girls offers an incredible selection of colors, bloodlines and great fiber.  Most of them are pregnant and several are expecting crias as early as May of this year.  All of our pregnant girls sell with an additional breeding after they deliver, and those who are not currently pregnant sell with two breedings, making each girl her own three in one package.

Our group of young male alpacas for sale has also been revised and updated.  We have a group of boys who possess some incredible fiber characteristics and genetics.  Their ARI certificates and most recent fiber stats are online, but we can also discuss their and their parents’ fiber characteristics and EPDs to help you find the boys that will fit best with your breeding goals.

We do not currently have any pet and fiber boys listed for sale, but contact us if you are looking to add some non-breeding alpacas to your family.  We can help you find the right boys for you.

We offer discounts for the purchase of multiple alpacas, and enjoy working with people to help them create a package of alpacas that will best fit the goals they have for their farm.  Contact us today to discuss any of these great alpacas, and schedule a visit to meet them.

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