Ag Field Day

This week we had the opportunity to participate in an agricultural field day for 4th graders of Alleghany County, NC.  They had a wonderful full day program allowing the kids the chance to see farm animals up close and talk with farmers about chickens, cows, pigs, goats, sheep and alpacas.  Each class moved around to the different stations and spent about 10 minutes at each station learning about the animals and asking questions.

Butch Cassidy and Augustine represented our farm well as the kids were able to gather around and see them up close.  The children had great questions and paid close attention to the alpaca boys.  Butch Cassidy kept up a running commentary of hums, which the kids enjoyed responding to in unison.  Augustine was curious and greeted several of the kids with a quick nose touch.

Augustine & Butch Cassidy

We had a fun time talking with the kids about raising alpacas, letting them touch the fleece we brought from this year’s shearing, seeing some of the beautiful things we make from our alpacas’ fleece, and demonstrating spinning.

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