MAPACA Spin-Off Results

I am late in posting our 2014 MAPACA Spin-off Results, but I want to share them because we are so proud of how well our alpacas did in this very large show.  One hundred huacaya* alpacas entered the MAPACA Spin-off this year, 8 of which came from our farm.  Our eight alpacas brought home 10 ribbons to the farm, including 5 First Place and 2 Highest Scores in their color groups.

First Place honors went to Sunspot, Shareen, June Delight, Bonnie Alice and Polar Ice.  J Dubs and Gabriel brought home Second Place ribbons, and Lucky brought home a Fourth Place Ribbon.

Our stars of this show are definitely Sunspot and Shareen.  Both won Highest Score in their color groups in classes of 19 and 17 alpacas respectively.  Shareen’s half brother Hyppogryff took home this same honor at MAPACA in 2012.

Peaceful Heart's Sunspot - Highest Score in the White Color Group

Peaceful Heart's Shareen - Highest Score in the Gray Color Group


*  There are two types of alpacas, huacayas and suris.  We raise huacayas, who have a crimpy fleece that makes the alpacas look round and fluffy as their fleece grows out.  The suris have a straight, silky fleece that hangs like dreadlocks as it grows out.

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