Three Alpaca Boys Sold

Augustine Wade & Polar Night

Augustine, Wade and Polar Night

Three adorable alpaca boys are the realization of the longtime dream of two sisters in Mt Airy.  Zoe and Cheri have been friends of the farm since soon after we opened in 2006.  They have loved the alpacas since they met them and have welcomed each new batch of crias born on the farm.  Unfortunately, they had no place to have their own, so they contented themselves with visiting the alpacas of Peaceful Heart Alpacas, and taking classes here at the farm to learn more about their great fiber.

The boys relaxing

The boys relaxing

Finally, though, their dream has come true and through the help of one of their children, they have a place right near their homes to keep their own alpacas.  This week they came and spent time with the alpacas to choose the perfect ones for them and their new farm.  They chose three sweet, young alpaca boys in a variety of colors.  They will enjoy spending time with the boys daily, and will love working with their fiber to create beautiful things.

Augustine, Polar Night and Wade R will be moving to their new home as soon as their shed and pasture are ready for them.  In the meantime, their new owners will be joining us Saturday at our annual Alpaca Fiber Options and Alpaca Health Care Seminars to learn more about keeping them healthy and using their fiber.  If having your own alpacas is also your dream, we invite you to join us Saturday for the classes and Sunday for our first ever Alpaca Pen Sale.

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