May, born May 31

May & Effie Mae, June 3

Our lovely Effie Mae has given birth to her first cria and she managed to surprise us. Effie’s markings are so unique, that we have been curious to see what she would produce. Effie was bred to our award-winning, white herdsire Powergrid last June and we anxiously awaited the results. On May 31 at 5 pm (later in the day than alpacas usually give birth), Effie gave birth to beautiful, dark brown May.

May at 3 days old

May is up and running circles around her pasture buddy Milton, though she sticks close to Mom during all non-running moments. Effie is proving to be as good a mom as her mom Natasha, very attentive and lots of milk. Powergrid has been over to see the new cria, and we assume he is quite proud to have produced yet another lovely girl.

May and Effie are in our front “Mamas and Babies” pasture right near the store. Come on by to see them and Milton. We are awaiting three more crias any day now.

Powergrid, May's sire

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