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New Alpaca Scarves in Stock

We have a great selection of beautiful alpaca scarves in the store and online. Perfect for Christmas gifts.

Visit our online store to see our alpaca scarves.

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Alpaca Boys move home

Congratulations to Kim and Joey Moser and their family on the purchase of two incredibly sweet alpaca boys.

Monte Blanc, “Monty”, is a fun guy with an inquisitive nature.  Solar Flare is a beautiful junior herdsire who has already proven himself in the two largest alpaca shows in the nation, the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA) National Show and the Mid-Atlantic Alpaca Breeders Association (MAPACA) Jubilee.  He has brought home ribbons from both, including a First Place in the 2011 MAPACA Spin-Off.

Both boys are gentle and easy to work with, and are already settling in well to their new farm. We’re happy to see our alpaca boys join such a nice family.

If you are interested in learning more about owning alpacas, we invite you to check out our alpacas for sale.  Give us a call to set up a time to come meet the alpacas and discuss raising them.  We also invite people to stop by any time to see the alpacas and get a taste of alpaca farming.  Through the end of the year we are open Monday-Saturday 10 am-5 pm, Sundays 1-5pm.  During the winter we are open Friday-Sunday or by appointment.

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Weaving Class Pictures

I have posted pictures of our last weaving class of 2011 on our Facebook page.  Yet again we had a fun class filled with creative people.  Their alpaca shawls turned out beautifully.

We had a knitting loom class yesterday at the farm.  We got so involved with the class that I forgot to take pictures to share, but once again the yarns were beginning to become lovely scarves by the end of class.  There is one more opportunity this year to learn to create an alpaca scarf using a knitting loom on December 18.

Our last wet felting classes are also coming up soon. We hope you can join us.

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New Alpaca Farm

Congratulations to Carol South and family on the purchase of three of our special girls, Shehrazad, Cinnamon, and Snow Crystal.  These beautiful girls are going to give Carol a colorful start to her farm (and will be our March calendar girls for the 2012 alpaca calendar).  They are all experienced moms, and have produced some beautiful alpacas for us (see our listings for Alpacas above to meet them). We expect them to do the same for Carol starting next spring.

Arch Angel

Carol has two beautiful alpaca boys already, in white and rosegray, and has added our lovely dark fawn Snowmass Casanova’s Arch Angel to her herd.  With Sheh and Cinnamon due in spring and Crystal due next fall, Carol is off to a great start in building her herd.

If you are interested in finding out about starting your own alpaca farm, we invite you to come by the farm or give me a call to talk about the joys and challenges of raising alpacas.

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Congratulations – New Alpacas!

Congratulations to Sharon Wilson on her purchase of two beautiful alpaca maidens.  She will be boarding them here on the farm as she prepares her farm and fiber studio.  We’re excited to be working with Sharon as she starts raising her own alpacas and working with their incredible fiber.



The Black Pearl is a two year old, true black alpaca who has a sweet and friendly personality.  She was bred this month to our lovely gray herdsire Gryffyn for a fall 2012 cria.




Ashley Warren is a lovely one year old alpaca with a beautiful fleece in a unique shade of fawn; it has an almost pink tint to it.  She is a sweetly shy girl who will be ready to breed next year.

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It’s a Girl!!

Peaceful Heart's Autum Breeze & Peaceful Heart's Bonnie Alice (Lightening Bolt and Electric Snow are in the background)

After a very boy slanted year of alpaca crias, we were pleased to welcome our third girl of  the year to Peaceful Heart Alpacas (out of eleven births in 2011).  Autumn Breeze was born Sunday, October 30 to our beautiful Bonnie Alice.  We were in the middle of a weaving class up in the fiber studio when Breezie made her appearance.  She immediately flipped to sit up and was ready to go.

Snowmass Casanova's Arch Angel

Autumn Breeze is our third alpaca cria this year from Snowmass Casanova’s Arch Angel, a lovely fawn herdsire (Gabriel and Angelica were born earlier this year).  Breezie is Bonnie’s second cria, joining her brother Dubbie (J Dubs 40) in proving the quality of Bonnie’s crias.  Like her brother, Breezie has a dense, curly fleece, in Breezie’s case in a gorgeous brown.

Autumn Breeze ("Breezie") and Bonnie (Breezie stayed very close to mom on her first day)

We are done with alpaca births for the year and are thrilled with our beautiful spring and fall crias.  If you’ve not had the chance to see them in person, we invite you to come on up to the farm.

Autumn Breeze and Bonnie a few moments after birth (photo by Jean LeCluyse)

Tequila and Obsydyan greet the newest member of the farm (photo by Jean LeCluyse)

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New True Black Alpaca Cria

Peaceful Heart's Obsydyan & Tequila CODI W1201

Our wonderful Tequila gave birth to her thirteenth healthy cria on Friday, October 28.  The weather was cold and wet, but the birth went smoothly and an incredible, true black, male cria was born about 11 am.  Due to the wet and very cold weather, we moved them inside for the day, but they were happy to get out into the sun on Saturday.  It was still a bit cold and very windy, so Obsydyan wore a cria coat to stay warm.

FG Gryffyn

Obsydyan’s sire is our gorgeous gray herdsire Gryffyn.  Gryffyn has given us four alpaca crias, two black, Obsydyan and Liberte, and two gray, Hyppogryff and Shareen. All have lovely fleece (Hyppogryff’s fleece was only 16.4 microns this year), and Obsydyan’s looks to be spectacular.  He has incredibly soft, dense fleece with a shiny true black color.

Obsydyan is out in the pasture with all the other crias now.  Come on by to see him and the rest of the fall alpaca crias.

Ima Joy kissing Obsydyan while mom Tequila stands close (photo by Alice Singh)

Sharla picking up Obsydyan to move inside (photo by Alice Singh)

Obsydyan inside

Obsydyan warm and dry

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