New Alpaca Farm

Congratulations to Carol South and family on the purchase of three of our special girls, Shehrazad, Cinnamon, and Snow Crystal.  These beautiful girls are going to give Carol a colorful start to her farm (and will be our March calendar girls for the 2012 alpaca calendar).  They are all experienced moms, and have produced some beautiful alpacas for us (see our listings for Alpacas above to meet them). We expect them to do the same for Carol starting next spring.

Arch Angel

Carol has two beautiful alpaca boys already, in white and rosegray, and has added our lovely dark fawn Snowmass Casanova’s Arch Angel to her herd.  With Sheh and Cinnamon due in spring and Crystal due next fall, Carol is off to a great start in building her herd.

If you are interested in finding out about starting your own alpaca farm, we invite you to come by the farm or give me a call to talk about the joys and challenges of raising alpacas.

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