It’s a Girl!!

Peaceful Heart's Autum Breeze & Peaceful Heart's Bonnie Alice (Lightening Bolt and Electric Snow are in the background)

After a very boy slanted year of alpaca crias, we were pleased to welcome our third girl of  the year to Peaceful Heart Alpacas (out of eleven births in 2011).  Autumn Breeze was born Sunday, October 30 to our beautiful Bonnie Alice.  We were in the middle of a weaving class up in the fiber studio when Breezie made her appearance.  She immediately flipped to sit up and was ready to go.

Snowmass Casanova's Arch Angel

Autumn Breeze is our third alpaca cria this year from Snowmass Casanova’s Arch Angel, a lovely fawn herdsire (Gabriel and Angelica were born earlier this year).  Breezie is Bonnie’s second cria, joining her brother Dubbie (J Dubs 40) in proving the quality of Bonnie’s crias.  Like her brother, Breezie has a dense, curly fleece, in Breezie’s case in a gorgeous brown.

Autumn Breeze ("Breezie") and Bonnie (Breezie stayed very close to mom on her first day)

We are done with alpaca births for the year and are thrilled with our beautiful spring and fall crias.  If you’ve not had the chance to see them in person, we invite you to come on up to the farm.

Autumn Breeze and Bonnie a few moments after birth (photo by Jean LeCluyse)

Tequila and Obsydyan greet the newest member of the farm (photo by Jean LeCluyse)

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