Alpaca Crias Playing

Coriander, (moms Spice and Fran), May, Milton, Gabriel, Becket

One of the most fun things about alpaca farming is watching our new batch of crias each year.  This year, Peaceful Heart Alpacas had five beautiful alpaca crias born in May and June.  They are all getting big now and more and more independent from their moms.  In the mornings we often let the mamas and crias out on to the parking area around the store to keep the grass trimmed.  The crias all have a great time running around and playing as their moms eat.

Becket & the 2011 crias greeting our 2010 girls

Alpaca crias love to play. The little girls particularly like to run, but the boys love to wrestle.  I put a new video up on our Facebook page,  (You don’t have to be a member or even sign-in to Facebook to see it.)  The video is about 1 minute and 40 seconds long and shows Milton (white) and Gabriel (fawn) wrestling. After a little while, Milton’s little brother Becket comes up to join in, but Milton lets him know quickly that he is not invited. Becket soon gets over his disappointment and starts playing with a weed he finds. I just enjoy spending time watching the crias play.

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