New Female Cria, Angelica

Peaceful Heart's Ima Joy & Peaceful Heart's Angelica, October 16, 2011 at 3 hours old

Our beautiful alpaca Ima Joy gave birth this morning to her second cria, a lovely little girl named Angelica.  Angelica has an incredibly soft and fluffy white fleece.  We looked to see if she inherited any of her mother’s lovely spots, and she has, one fawn spot above her front left knee.  Her tail also looks like it is light fawn.  Her blanket fleece, though, is pure white.

Angelica first standing at less than 1 hour old, photo by Kris Webb

Angelica weighed 16 pounds at birth.  She is a strong girl, who was up and nursing right away.  Our other fall crias, Lightning Bolt and Sunspot, wanted to start playing with Angelica before she was even up and steady on her feet.  By the end of the day, she was running with the boys.

Ima Joy and her mother Natasha, June 26, 2007

Sunday was a busy day at the farm, so there were a lot of people here to witness Angelica’s birth and her first few hours learning to stand and run around the pasture. Kris Webb shared the lovely picture of Ima Joy and Angelica soon after she was born on our Facebook page. It reminds me of a picture we took of Ima Joy and her mother Natasha right after Ima was born in 2007. Ima Joy was the fifth alpaca born on our farm; Angelica is the 37th. We get just as excited now with each birth as we did when we started.

Sire, Snowmass Casanova's Arch Angel

Angelica is the second cria we have had this year from our herdsire Snowmass Casanova’s Arch Angel.  She and her brother Gabriel are both beautiful, and we can’t wait to see our last Angel cria of the year later this month.

We hope you can come by to see Angelica and her pasture buddies at the farm.  If you aren’t going to be up this way, you can see pictures of all the crias on our Facebook page, which we update regularly.

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