Alpaca Farm Building

Alpacas are very easy to raise.  They are relatively small livestock (under 5 foot tall, average 150 pounds), have gentle personalities, tend to be healthy and less likely to spread parasites easily due to their helpful bathroom habits.  They are a joy to work with and relaxing just to be around, but there is always something that needs to be done around a farm our size, poop to be scooped, alpacas to be tended, and crias to watch playing.  We find, though, that the hardest part of the farm work is keeping up the farm and building projects.  Some of it we do ourselves, and some of it we find best to hire professionals.

September and October have been busy building months as we are getting ready for winter.  Sheds have been going up and we have added to our fencing.  One area has added a new pasture to the farm and the other has divided our largest pasture into three good sized pastures.  We and the alpacas are enjoying the results.

When we first bought our alpaca farm in 2006, there was no fencing and only one shed.  We walked the land and set out a plan of what we’d like it to look like when we finish with smaller pastures for rotating and ease of moving alpacas from one pasture to the next.  We have discovered that we are not good fence builders.  I have so much respect for those who can, but our fences tend to be wobbly and not as tight to the ground as we need them to be.  Luckily, we have worked with some wonderful fence builders to work towards our master plan.  We still put up the occasional small stretch of fence, but our main pastures have been built in a way that will last forever (or at least a very long time).  Each year we add a little more and can see the final design coming a little closer.

We also work with a wonderful builder, who built our Fiber Art Studio in the upper pasture (those of you who have taken felting or weaving classes know it well).  Since then he has also helped us with a number of sheds around the farm and worked with us as I try to ‘perfect’ the shed design to make them comfortable for the alpacas and work on the farm a little easier.  Each shed gets a little better.  Like the fences, we do occasionally build a small shed.  Whoever the builder, the alpacas always appreciate the sheds.

If you are planning or growing your farm, we invite you to come by and talk with us.  We enjoy sharing our experiences and what has worked for us, as well as what we might do differently if we were starting now.  Call for an appointment, we’d love to talk with you.

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