New Alpaca Slippers

{Updated Nov 2016} On Sale. We have a great selection of alpaca slippers, available in the store and online.  Now reduced 20%.  These beautiful slippers are hand crafted with alpaca fleece on one side and alpaca fabric on the other. They are wonderfully warm and soft.  You choose whether to wear them with either the alpaca fleece or alpaca fabric next to your feet.  A removable insert provides extra padding in the alpaca slipper.

Alpaca Slippers MediumThe slippers are made in Peru by a fair trade certified company, and are hand washable.  We have them in sizes from extra small to extra large, which will fit everyone from children’s large/ladies size 3 to men’s size 12 1/2.  All of the slippers are lined with a dark alpaca fabric, and come in a great variety of fleece colors.  You select your slippers, choose your size and then look through the pictured slippers to pick your favorite one.

Alpaca Slippers Reversed

We invite you to come by the store and try on a pair if you’re in the area.  We also ship alpaca slippers all over the country, so take a look at them online and pick out a pair for yourself.  They make great gifts!

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