All Colors of PacaPaint Hand Dyed Alpaca Yarns Now in Stock

Paca Paints by the Alpaca Yarn Company is one of our most popular yarns.  We now have all 12 colors in stock.  It is the same weight as our Classic Alpaca yarn, and they can be used interchangeably in patterns.

A favorite pattern uses both yarns together for a chunky, warm alpaca scarf.  Holding one strand each of Paca Paints and Classic Alpaca yarn as you knit, this beginning knitting pattern works up quickly to a beautiful scarf.  You can see a few examples here.

The scarves are knit using the Celebration Scarf pattern, 1 skein of Paca Paint and 2 skeins of Classic Alpaca. Pictured from left to right, scarves are knit using: Paca Paint 408 Spiked Punch and Classic Alpaca 0500 Black; Paca Paint 409 Emerald Isle and Classic Alpaca 1417 Wintergreen; Paca Paint 407 Wisteria Way and Classic Alpaca 1822 Lavender; Paca Paint 412 Into the Pines and Classic Alpaca 0410 Oregon Timber Brown.

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