It’s A Girl! Last Cria of the Spring Season

Peaceful Heart's Summer Love and Peaceful Heart's June Delight

Today marked the birth of the last alpaca cria for our spring season, and the first cria for our sweet June Delight.  June gave birth to a lovely female cria June 23, at about a quarter to 2 in the afternoon.  Peaceful Heart’s Summer Love is as beautiful as her mother, and has a hint of gray on her feet from her fabulous rosegray herdsire, FWD Kubla Khan.  Summer  Love will be a great addition to our herd.  She weighed 17.2 pounds and was quick to roll over and work her way up onto her feet.

The other crias in our younger alpaca pasture were quite interested to see what was going on, and actually rushed over to meet Summer Love before June Delight had quite figured out what was going on.  June spent the first few minutes after Summer hit the ground, watching her out of the corner of her eye.  It didn’t take June too long to realize that Summer was hers, though, and show her true colors as an excellent mom.  She is staying close to Summer, humming to her, licking her face, and standing perfectly still as Summer masters the art of nursing.  Alpaca crias nurse for just a few minutes every 30-60 minutes when they are first born.  They never nurse for too long at one time, but the frequency gets further between nursing sessions as they get older.

We are through with alpaca births for the spring, and thoroughly pleased with this year’s group of crias.  We have had 6 alpacas born to our farm; 4 girls and 2 boys, the oldest born almost a month ago. (And 1 handsome boy that will be moving with his mom to his new farm by fall.)  You can read all about each of them here in our website posts and see more pictures of them and life on the farm at our Facebook page.  We also invite you to come by the farm and see them all in person.

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