New Female Alpaca Cria

Peaceful Heart's Earlyne

We are pleased to announce the birth of Peaceful Heart’s Early Riser on Wednesday, June 5, 2013.   “Earlyne” is a lovely bay black color, and a very active girl.  She was born to our beautiful Bonnie Alice and the impressive Kubla Khan (rosegray son of The Aga Khan).  Both are known for their dense fleece and heavy shear weights, and we are expecting the same from Earlyne.

Peaceful Heart's Bonnie Alice with Earlyne

Early Riser earned her name by surprising us Wednesday morning when we looked out the window and saw her walking around the pasture at around 8am.  Alpacas generally give birth between 9 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, and it is rare to have a birth earlier in the day.  In the approximately 50 births we’ve had on the farm, we’ve only had one other very early birth.  Apparently, being off schedule did not affect Earlyne at all, as she was already running around the pasture and nursing when we first saw her.

Our rainy weather has interfered with Earlyne’s frolicking a bit, since we have moved her and mom Bonnie in the barn.  Unfortunately, sometimes alpaca crias don’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain, and we (and Bonnie) were getting tired of trying to keep her under shelter during the downpours.  Luckily, dryer weather is on the way and she will soon be free to get out and play with Ziva and William (who do know enough to get out of the rain).

FWD Kubla Khan

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