Alpaca boy moves to his new home

Congratulations to the Ashby family on the addition of Tennyson’s Arthur of Peaceful Heart to their new herd of alpacas.  Arthur joins two other alpaca boys and a donkey on the farm, and seemed to fit right in when he got in the pasture.

The Ashby’s came to the farm and picked out Arthur last month.   They came and spent time with all the boys on our saleslist, taking the time to find the right boy for their needs.  We spent time talking about the personality and fiber of each boy, and haltered up the boys so they could get a close look at them.  Liz is interested in using alpacas in therapy with children, and Arthur proved himself to be a perfect match.  He has a particularly gentle personality and incredible fiber.

They were not ready to take Arthur home that day, so he stayed on the farm until this week.  Due to Arthur’s young age and small size, we opted to take him to their farm in the back of the jeep, rather than our trailer, so we could keep a close eye on how he was handling the move.  Arthur almost immediately cushed down (as is common for alpacas while traveling), and seemed to enjoy the view.  He was quiet for the whole ride, until we arrived and he saw his new pasture mates.  After meeting everyone, Arthur set right to grazing.  We know he is going to be happy and loved in his new home.

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