Alpaca Socks Back in Stock

Our most popular alpaca boot socks are now back in stock in all colors and sizes!

These fabulous alpaca socks are made specially for our farm by a wonderful Fair Trade Certified company in Peru.  The socks have a small alpaca at the top and our farm name ‘Peaceful Heart’ along the bottom of each sock.  Made from 80% Baby Alpaca, 10% spandex, and 10% nylon, our alpaca socks are soft and comfortable.  They keep your feet warm and dry while not getting overheated.  Perfect for wearing in boots while hiking or hunting, the sock are also comfortable worn with tennis shoes or around the house.

These great alpaca socks are available in four colors:  black, pearl white, silver gray, and brown.  Each color is available in four sizes:   Large (Men’s shoe size 11+, that come up mid-calf); Medium (Men’s size 10 or less, Women’s size 8 1/2+, mid-calf); Small-Tall (Women’s shoe size 8 or less,  mid-calf); and Small-Crop (Women’s shoe size 8 or less, that come up to right above the ankle).

We also now have our  warm and comfortable alpaca slipper socks (yoga socks) in stock in two sizes and colors: Men & Women, Brown & Black.  These warm alpaca socks have non-slip skids in the shape of alpacas along the bottom, and come up to right above the ankle.  Perfect for wearing around the house, or for use as yoga socks.

Our therapeutic alpaca socks are another popular and warm sock.  Designed specifically for those with diabetes or other circulatory problems, these diabetic socks have a loose fit through the calf without having to worry about them falling down.  They are wonderfully soft and warm and come in 4 sizes and a range of colors.

Finally, we offer a thinner, comfortable to wear alpaca dress sock that will keep your feet happy throughout the day.  Available in 4 sizes and a range of colors.

Visit our online store or come by the farm to get your alpaca socks today.

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