Alpacas On the Move

2015 was a year of a lot of alpaca movement for Peaceful Heart Alpacas. We started 2015 with 59 alpacas on the farm, our highest herd size ever. As we begin 2016, our herd is down to 25 alpacas.

_20160105_131651Many of our alpacas have moved onto their new farms within the past month, including some of our long term boarders. Four years ago, Sharon Wilson started her herd with two alpacas, Ashley and The Black Pearl. Since then her herd has grown to six alpacas. She is starting 2016 out with the move of her herd onto her own farm.


Peaceful Heart’s Shareen

Recently, several of the alpacas we sold during Alpaca Farm Days have moved to their new farms.

Peaceful Heart's Bonnie Alice

Peaceful Heart’s Bonnie Alice

During December, our lovely Bonnie Alice moved with the striking Shareen to join Snobelle, Lucky and Espressa at their new farm.

Another new farm, Alpaca Latta Fun Farm, moved their three new alpacas, Hyppogryff, Sunspot and Sugar Cookie home before Christmas as well.

Sunspot - Highest Score in the White Color Group

Peaceful Heart’s Sunspot

Two of our sweet boys, J Dubs 40 and Hercules, also moved to their new farm. They will be the first alpacas on their farm.

J Dubs  & Hercules

J Dubs & Hercules

Another new farm brought home Gabriel & Joshua as soon as their fencing was done.   They are enjoying having the boys join their two goats on their farm.

Peaceful Heart's Gabriel

Peaceful Heart’s Gabriel

This week we also had four girls move to their new farm in Alabama. Marquessa, Electric Snow, Ziva David and Natasha handled the ride to their new home well, and are enjoying getting to know their new farm mates.


Our last group of alpacas was the earliest to move off the farm. Henrietta Ruth, “Ruthie”, and Christmas Snow, “Chrissy”, joined Summer Love and Snickerdoodle Twist on their new farm. Snickerdoodle was particularly happy to see her little buddy Chrissy.

0 snicker summer ruthie

0 snicker chrissy

We are happy to see all these alpacas settling into their new homes, and look forward to continuing to support their new owners.  We are also looking forward to a number of new crias being born on our farm this year.  Sign up to receive our email newsletter to be the first to learn of their births.  We expect the new crias to start arriving sometime in May, after shearing season.

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