A New Alpaca Cria!

Peaceful Heart's White Owl & Peaceful Heart's Electric Snow (with Ima Joy looking on)

Our lovely Electric Snow gave birth to her second beautiful boy this morning.  It is a windy day up here, so we put them in the barn until he dried off and got settled into his routine.  He and Snow are out enjoying the sunshine and meeting the other alpacas this afternoon.

Peaceful Heart's Lord Tennyson

White Owl, our newest boy, is another Lord Tennyson son.  Like his full brother Timbuctoo and other half siblings, we named Owl for a Lord Tennyson poem, “The Owl”.   Owl has an incredibly bright white fleece that reminds us a lot of Lord Tennyson when he was first born.

Welcome to the Farm Parade

The other crias were all thrilled to meet Owl, but Electric Snow is keeping a close watch on him.  I think playing will have to wait a day or two.

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