Congratulations to a Brand New Alpaca Farm

Effie Mae and Ephraim

Congratulations to the Otey family on the purchase of our Mamas and Playmates package.  The Oteys will be beginning their new alpaca farm with two beautiful proven mothers and their two male crias, as well as the boys’ pasture mate.


Sharyn and Effie Mae were both born on our farm and are two of our sweetest girls.  Both are a little shy, but Sharyn especially loves to eat grain right out of your hand.  Their sons Gryffyndor (Sharyn and silver gray Gryffyn’s son) and Ephraim (Effie Mae and fawn Arch Angel’s son) are a beautiful bay black and a dark fawn with lovely fleeces.  They will be joined by Sir Galahad, the lovely white son of Sugar Cookie and Lord Tennyson.  Look for these boys in the show ring soon.

Ephraim and Sir Galahad (both born on June 25)

The Otey family will be choosing their farm name and moving their new herd onto their farm soon.  We’re looking forward to working with them as they get started on their alpaca adventure.


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