Two new alpaca crias

Sundance's Butch Cassidy

Thursday, October 4 was a busy, busy day.  We still are expecting several alpaca crias this month, so we check our fall pregnant girls pasture regularly.  Alpacas give birth very quickly (usually just 15-20 minutes from start to finish) and with very little to no warning, so occasionally we will find a surprise cria in the pasture that was born between checks.

Thursday, two mamas decided that delivering while we weren’t looking was a great idea.  Unfortunately, the mamas both decided that one of the crias was theirs, ignoring the other little guy.  We arrived to two upset moms, and two confused crias.  It took a bit of sorting, but we got the crias with their mamas and  into separate rooms to keep an eye on them.  Both got their nursing established and are doing well now.  We’re keeping coats on these newest farm members due to our cold and wet weather, but they are having a great time running around with Elise and Arthur.

Klarice and Cassidy

Our lovely Klarice, who joined our farm in January, gave birth to a beautiful beige and fawn boy.  His sire is VAF Golden Heritage’s Sundance Kid, so we have named him Sundance’s Butch Cassidy.  Cassidy is full of energy, and has lots of soft fleece in tightly bundled curls.  He is predominately beige, but we love the fawn spot that runs from the top of his head, down his neck and spills down his spine.  I’m already looking forward to his first shearing next spring.


First cria for a new farm

The Black Pearl was born on our farm and will celebrate her third birthday this week.  She now belongs to Sharon Wilson, though we are happy to have Pearl, her fellow farm mate Ashley and now Pearl’s cria, agisting on our farm until their new alpaca farm is ready for them to move home.  Pearl gave birth to an incredible rosegray, brown and white male, another beautful cria from our former silver gray, herdsire FG Gryffyn, who is now standing stud at Majestic View Alpacas.

The Black Pearl and her new cria

We hope you can visit soon to see the new crias and enjoy the mountain fall weather and colors.

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