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Alpaca Health Care

We do “herd health” with our alpacas once a month. This is our time to give everyone an up close check up. We are out with our alpacas at least twice a day, so we usually notice right away if one is not eating properly or has something visibly wrong. Some issues are harder to spot without putting your hands on the alpacas. For example, as the year goes on, their fleece gets thicker and can hide weight loss.

Our herd health sessions are a scheduled time to check everyone’s weight (using one of the most useful alpaca tools we own, our scale), and to check their body score by feeling their midspine region. An extremely prominent spine (an A shape to the back) indicates that an alpaca is too thin. A flat back where you cannot clearly feel the spine indicates that an alpaca is too fat. We are looking for an easily felt spine with a gentle slope to the back. We also check each alpaca over for any visible or hard to see issues.

Each alpaca needs a shot every month to protect them from the meningeal worm, a parasite that white tail deer carry and that can cause debilitating and often fatal complications for alpacas. The alpacas really do not seem to mind the shots at all, and will generally stand still for them, some with just someone holding a halter and lead, most with someone holding them gently around the neck.

The third task we do is to check their toenails. Alpacas have a soft padded foot with two toes on each foot. Alpaca’s toenails grow continuously, though at different rates. We have found that our lighter alpacas tend to need their nails trimmed monthly, while darker alpacas often can go for several months without a trim. This is the part of herd health that seems to make the alpacas the most nervous. We find that for most alpacas a gentle hold and lifting their feet as little as possible makes them feel more secure.

We also give the alpacas vitamins each month. We give them A, D, & E which is good for their fleece growth and bone health. It is an apple flavored gel that most the alpacas seem to think tastes pretty good. Though few (besides Sunny) are anxious to open their mouths to take the gel, most smack their lips afterward.

Our monthly herd health time is an important part of caring for our alpacas. It is a great time to make sure that everyone is doing well, even the shy alpacas or those who really prefer not to be touched, and may not get hands on interaction regularly throughout the month.

We feel this time is so important in keeping your alpacas healthy, that we offer training for those who purchase alpacas from us and ongoing support if any questions arise. Learn more about our alpacas for sale here, and then give us a call to set up an appointment to meet them and talk about their care.

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Our Farm’s Alpaca Socks – Now in Stock!

We are very happy to post that our most popular alpaca socks are now back in stock.  We are sorry they were out of stock for so long.  These wonderful alpaca socks are made specially for our farm in Peru by a wonderful Fair Trade Certified company.  The socks have a small alpaca at the top and our farm name “Peaceful Heart” along the bottom of each sock.  Made from 80% Baby Alpaca, 10% spandex, and 10% nylon, our alpaca socks are soft and comfortable.  The keep your feet warm and dry while not getting overheated.  Perfect for wearing in boots while hiking or hunting, the sock are also comfortable worn with tennis shoes or around the house.  They are available in three colors and now available in four sizes  (we have added a taller version of our ladies socks).

Visit our online store or come by the farm to get your alpaca socks today.

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New Alpacas on the Farm

Our herd has grown by leaps and bounds this week. The farm from which we purchased our beloved Tequila (our first alpaca) is retiring this year. We purchased 16 alpacas from them, and are thrilled to have them join our farm.


This group includes alpacas of all colors from ages 1 to 16. We are particularly excited about the addition of Snowmass Casanova’s Deja Blue to our herdsire lineup. Two other excellent herdsires and four young males are part of this group.


The 9 girls have wonderful genetic backgrounds with fabulous bloodlines that are new to our farm. In addition to increasing the number of our alpacas from the lines of Hemingway, Bueno, Caligula and Royal Fawn, we are adding Mr. President, Midas Touch, Altiplano Gold, Guellermo, Matador, Black Ice, Vengador, and Godfather among others.


You can see pictures of our new herd members here.

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Alpacas move to their new farm

Yesterday we said goodbye to four of our sweet alpacas. Gryffyn, Lance, Spice and Fran moved to Majestic View Alpacas to join their former pasture buddies Solar Flare, Temeraire and Monty.  You can see more pictures of the move here.

It is always sad to say goodbye, but they are going to a great new farm.  Fran and Spice are both due this spring, so we are excited to see what they produce for their new farm.  Majestic View Alpacas has started with a great foundation herd to build their farm.

Contact us if we can help you get started in your dream of raising alpacas.  We have wonderful alpacas for sale right now and can help you put together the perfect package to build your herd.  Learn more about our alpacas for sale.

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Virginia Classic Alpaca Show

We took 3 alpacas to the Virginia Classic Alpaca Show last weekend, Regal Copper, Tennyson’s Becket and Gabriel. Regal had been to a show in December, so felt much more confident and was able to be the ‘big brother’ for the two younger boys.  We were proud of all of them.  They all did well walking into the ring, standing still (most the time), and allowing the judge to exam them and their lovely fleeces.  We were very proud of them. . Gabriel and Becket brought home 3rd and 4th place ribbons in a competitive, juvenile fawn alpaca class. Becket also won a 3rd place in the Walking Fleece Show. Regal brought home a 5th place in the Breeder’s Bred and Owned, and the group won a third place in the Breeder’s Best Three. . We traveled with the boys from Majestic View Alpacas, Solar Flare and Temeraire, who also did very well.  It was their owners, Kim and Joey Moser, and their first alpaca show.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it.  Flare in particular loved the opportunity to show off.  He’s the son of our impressive herdsire Powergrid and certainly inherited the regal attitude. . The show was a lot of fun.  There is also a llama show that makes up part of the Virginia Classic.  It is always fun to watch.  Llama shows are very different from alpaca shows, and the llamas are quite interesting in their variety.  A costume competition for llamas and alpacas was also part of the show, as was a handcrafts derby.  An all around fun weekend.  You can see more pictures from the show on our Facebook page (no need to join Facebook to see them.) Share on Facebook

Congratulations to Majestic View Alpaca Farm

Kim and Joey Moser of the new alpaca farm, Majestic View, have added a great group of alpacas to their growing herd. They took advantage of our Valentine Alpaca Package (seen below) to get their farm off to a wonderful start. Two proven moms due in June, a proven herdsire who’s been a farm favorite for his striking looks and beautiful crias, and a sweet fiber boy who is a younger brother to the Moser’s farm clown, Monte. (You might have seen Monte dressed as an elf, with his buddy “Santa” Solar Flare, on our Facebook page.)

Congratulations Kim & Joey! We’re looking forward to seeing your farm grow.


A wonderful way to start raising alpacas or to add some excellent genetics to your herd, this package has two beautiful, proven mothers, one a young mother and one an older mother of multiple show winners. Both girls are bred for spring 2012 crias to different herdsires. The package also includes a proven herdsire who is unrelated to either female and a male companion alpaca.


Spice is a gentle girl with fleece the lovely true black of her sire, which has a soft hand and long staple length. Her first cria, Coriander, is a beautiful fawn boy out of our award-winning herdsire Powergrid. Spice is bred to Gryffyn for a June 2012 cria.


Francesca is an older girl who has proven not only what a great mother she is, but how well she passes on her strong genetic background, which includes Hemingway and Victor. Francesca has produced multiple ribbon winning crias, including multi-blue ribbon winning Rivanna Black Satin and Reserve Color Champion Rivanna Reflection. Her 2011 cria, Gabriel, is a beautiful fawn boy with dense, crimpy fleece. Francesca is currently bred to our champion herdsire Peaceful Heart’s Lord Tennyson for a June 2012 cria.


Gryffyn is a proven gray herdsire who has consistently produced black and gray gray crias with fine fleece. He has a fine fleece with a long staple length and strong genetic background of gray alpacas, including his grandsire Peruvian Platinum. We have been thrilled with each of his crias.


Lance (Avalanche’s Snow Storm) is a cute, compact boy with a great fleece. He will be a great companion for Gryffyn and provide fabulous yarn each year.



Alpacas included (a total of 6 alpacas):

Cinnamon’s Spice of Peaceful Heart; ARI# 31423960; D.O.B. 4/7/2008; Pregnant Female, True Black

Cria Due: June 2012; (Sire: FG Gryffyn; ARI# 30466715; Medium Silver Grey)

AHR Francesca; ARI# 835211; D.O.B. 9/27/2001; Pregnant Female; Medium Fawn

Cria Due: June 2012; (Sire: Peaceful Heart’s Lord Tennyson; ARI# 31076296; White)

FG Gryffyn, ARI# 30466715; D.O.B. 9/12/2005; Medium Silver Gray; Proven Male

Avalanche’s Snow Storm (“Lance”); ARI# 31076319; D.O.B. 5/31/2007; White; Gelded Male

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