New Alpaca Cria born 9/16/2012

Peaceful Heart's Henrietta Ruth, "Ruthie" and Tennyson's Arthur of Peaceful Heart

Yesterday we had a pleasant surprise among the fog.  I was walking through the pasture and noticed that our week old cria Elise was really kicking up her heels.  As I looked a little closer, I could see a second cria through the fog.  Our newest farm member was already on his feet, and Elise couldn’t wait to play.  It was really fun to see her excitement.  I have posted a video of the two crias on our Facebook page, as well as some more photos.



Henrietta Ruth

Our newest cria is a beautiful boy from our lovely Henrietta Ruth and our impressive Lord Tennyson.  Tennyson’s Arthur of Peaceful Heart looks very similar in color to his full brother Becket (medium fawn), though he seems to have  a lot of gray on his face.  I suspect that we’ll have to wait until the sun comes back out to tell his true color.  Whatever the color, his fleece is incredibly soft and dense.

Peaceful Heart's Lord Tennyson

Arthur gets his name from a favorite theme of Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s poems.  He wrote three different poems about King Arthur, and we felt them name fit our newest alpaca wonderfully.  People often ask where we get our names.  We wait until we meet our new crias before we decide, but in some cases we have an idea of some choices ahead of time.  We have been naming all of Lord Tennyson’s crias for poems and plays written by the original Lord Tennyson, so we have Milton, Becket, Timbuctoo, Lady Clare, Sir Galahad, and now Arthur.  Lord Tennyson got his name due to his sire Lord Byron.  Henrietta Ruth and our newest cria Elise were both named for family members.  Sometimes names are inspired by time of birth (High Noon) or their appearance (Sugar Cookie), and often they relate to their parentage (Electric Snow).  Naming is one of the fun activities of alpaca farming, though watching the crias play and grow is even more fun.

We hope you can come see Arthur and Elise at the farm soon.

Arthur and Elise

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