New Alpaca Sales Packages


Fall is in the air.  As the seasons change, I always sit down and reevaluate our herd (which now numbers 50 alpacas).  I look at where our breeding program is and where we are headed in the future, and decide who we would like to make available for sale.  Yesterday, I looked at all our females (28 of our alpacas are female), and have chosen some great girls that I think will be great for anyone looking to diversify their herd or for those who are just starting to raise alpacas.  Let us work with you to find the perfect alpacas for your needs.

Peaceful Heart's may

We have listed 7 of our girls for sale in a way that will allow people to decide how many alpacas they would like to purchase, and choose the perfect combination of girls for their herd.  We have a lot of great genetics represented and are offering great discounts for purchasing multiple alpacas.  Whether you are in the market for one or a group of alpacas, look through the list and let us know if you would like more information about any of the girls or would like to come meet the alpacas.

Effie Mae & Ephraim

We also have a wonderful package available of two mothers and their male crias at side.  It is a great combination of genetics and color variety.  The boys are close in age and can wean together in a few months.  You can read more about the Mamas and Playmates package here.

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