Last Fall Cria of the Year

Ima Joy and Dante, two days old

Ima Joy delivered a beautiful little boy, our last cria of the year.  Peaceful Heart’s Dante was born at 10am on Oct 22.  He is up and running around the pasture with the other crias already.  Marcus in particular was very anxious for him to get on his feet and play.

It was a bit cold and windy that morning, so we brought Dante and Ima into the barn and dried him off with a blow dryer.  Once he warmed up, Dante was ready to nurse and get out in the pasture with the other crias.  He wore a little alpaca cria coat his first day and has been wearing it at night since the weather has been chilly and windy.

Dante warming up while Marcus waits to play

Dante has a lovely white fleece with just a hint of fawn on his head and tail.  His mother Ima Joy is a farm favorite and the hero of one of our farm stories a couple years back.  She is a lovely appaloosa alpaca with tiny brown spots all over her white fleece, and a few big spots on her shoulders and nose.  We were hoping she would pass on her spottiness, but she hasn’t so far.

Dante’s sire is our beautiful new herdsire, Maximus.  Maximus has certainly shown he can throw a variety of colors.  Dante is our third cria from him.  Maximus has given us a dark fawn, bay black and now white.  We can’t wait to see who we get next year.

The newest crias are all at the barn, and we invite you to come see them.

Ima Joy was happy to show off Dante, napping at about 2 hours old

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