Southern Select Spin-Off Results

We just received the results from the Southern Select Spin-Off and we couldn’t be happier.  We entered fleece from 5 alpacas, and all 5 brought home First Place Ribbons in their individual  classes!  Pirate’s Luck, “Lucky,” also won Highest Scoring Huacaya alpaca!!

A Spin-off consists of sending in a 2 ounce sample of fiber from the blanket of the alpaca (their prime, or best, fiber).  This amount of fiber is about the size of a gallon zip lock bag.  The spin-off judge takes the sample and spins a portion into yarn, judging the fleece, how easily and well it spins, and the quality of the finished product.  The judge provides detailed feedback, which gives us information that is helpful in processing our fiber and also in future breeding decisions.  The fiber is scored and ribbons are awarded for each color and age group.

For the 2014 Southern Select Spin-Off, we sent in samples from Pirate’s Luck, Sunspot, Gabriel, Bonnie Alice, and June Delight.  All of these alpacas were born on our farm, and most of them have won ribbons previously.  We are very proud of them all.

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