New Alpaca Cria!

Peaceful Heart's June Delight and Tennyson's Gareth of Peaceful Heart

We really feel like we are in cria season now.  We had the birth of our fourth alpaca cria of 2014 on the farm today (June 15).  June Delight gave birth to an adorable little boy this morning about 11:15.  He quickly got to his feet and was moving all over the pasture.  Tennyson’s Gareth of Peaceful Heart is a big boy with dense fleece, and looks very much like his half brother Lord Cornwallis who was born just three days ago.

All the girls were fascinated by Gareth just a few moments after his birth

Gareth’s sire is Peaceful Heart’s Lord Tennyson.  We have named all of our crias that Tennyson sired after poems that Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote.  Gareth’s name comes from the poem entitled “Gareth and Lynette” about one of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table.  We think it is an impressive name for an impressive little guy.

Gareth sitting up about 15 minutes after birth

Everyone was very happy to welcome Gareth to the farm.  The younger girls came running as soon as they realized there was a new farm member to meet, and stayed for almost a half hour until he got on his feet.

Gareth is in the pasture by the barn.  We invite you to come see him and our other 2014 crias.  Elsa and Black Ice are growing fast.

Elsa and Black Ice

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