It’s a Girl, and a Boy, and another Boy!!!

It has been a busy few days on the farm, and we have some exciting news to share.  Three of our alpacas have recently given birth, and we have some great new additions to our farm.

Peaceful Heart's Sugar Cookie and Peaceful Heart's Snickerdoodle Twist

Peaceful Heart’s Snickerdoodle Twist was born on June 18 to our beautiful Sugar Cookie.  She was 16 pounds at birth and is an active girl with incredible fleece.  Snickerdoodle Twist had a difficult delivery, but we are blessed with a fabulous vet who was here to check on another cria and was able to identify Sugar Cookie’s problem, solve our twist, and deliver a healthy cria.  Snickerdoodle Twist has already gained a pound and a half since birth, and looks a lot like her sire Lord Tennyson.  She is in the barn with her half brothers Gareth and little Lord Cornwallis and their moms.

Meanwhile, we’ve had two births in the pasture near the store in the past two days.


Peaceful Heart's Bonnie & Tennyson's Merlin of Peaceful Heart

June 20, we welcomed Tennyson’s Merlin of Peaceful Heart.  We found this lovely little white male alpaca walking around the pasture early Friday morning.  Unfortunately, his mom Bonnie Alice had some post birth complications so wasn’t able to keep up with him, but again our wonderful vet was able to come to the farm quickly and help her out.*  Bonnie soon felt like nursing, and is doing great now.  So is Merlin, he is gaining weight fast and reminds me a lot of his sire Lord Tennyson.  He has beautiful, incredibly dense fleece and a sweet face.

Peaceful Heart's Groucho Marx

June 21 we celebrated the birth of an adorable light gray boy.  David pronounced his name to be Peaceful Heart’s Groucho Marx as soon as he took a look at the little guy’s bushy black eyebrows.  Groucho Marx’s sire is the beautiful Andean Silver.  This is the first cria we have from Silver, though we have recently seen some of his lovely crias born on other farms.  Groucho Marx is an incredibly tall boy who weighed 22 pounds at birth.  He is running around the store pasture with Merlin, Elsa and Black Ice.

Groucho Marx and Merlin

We invite you to come by and see all the crias.  If you have been thinking about raising your own alpacas, we invite you to take a look at our Make Room for Crias sale and give us a call.

Black Ice greeting Groucho Marx


* We are grateful that alpacas generally have very few problems during birth.  It is estimated that 95% of alpaca births are problem free.  While we have had some crias that need a little help after birth, up until this week, we had only had one problem during delivery.  So, out of the 68 births we have had on our farm, only 3 of them have needed assistance during delivery.  Still under the average of 5%, but after this week, I’m glad that the overwhelming majority of our alpaca births are easy.

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