New Alpaca Teddy Bears & Toys

{Updated January 2015}  We have a great selection of alpaca teddy bears in sizes from 3 to 15 inches available in the store and online now.  They range in color from the natural white, fawn, brown and multicolor to the lovely pastel shades, and right now include some adorable panda bear style alpaca bears.  Each unique alpaca teddy bear is handcrafted from 100% alpaca..

We also have several different size and styles of plush alpaca toys.  Like our alpaca teddy bears, we have alpaca toys made from the fluffy and warm huacaya fleece or the silky smooth suri fleece, though they are only available in the natural colors.  Our alpacas range in size from 4 to 14 inches.

Our newest addition to our toy selection is our alpaca shepherdess puppet set.  Each set contains a shepherdess in traditional Peruvian dress and two alpacas of different colors.  We also have sets of 6 alpacas of different colors, as well as a wide selection of animal puppets hand knit from alpaca.

Also online and in the store are the fun activity books produced by the Alpaca Owners Association.  Learn about alpacas while coloring, creating crafts, and preparing fun snacks.

You can see all these fun gifts at the farm store or online.

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