New True Black Alpaca Cria

Peaceful Heart's Obsydyan & Tequila CODI W1201

Our wonderful Tequila gave birth to her thirteenth healthy cria on Friday, October 28.  The weather was cold and wet, but the birth went smoothly and an incredible, true black, male cria was born about 11 am.  Due to the wet and very cold weather, we moved them inside for the day, but they were happy to get out into the sun on Saturday.  It was still a bit cold and very windy, so Obsydyan wore a cria coat to stay warm.

FG Gryffyn

Obsydyan’s sire is our gorgeous gray herdsire Gryffyn.  Gryffyn has given us four alpaca crias, two black, Obsydyan and Liberte, and two gray, Hyppogryff and Shareen. All have lovely fleece (Hyppogryff’s fleece was only 16.4 microns this year), and Obsydyan’s looks to be spectacular.  He has incredibly soft, dense fleece with a shiny true black color.

Obsydyan is out in the pasture with all the other crias now.  Come on by to see him and the rest of the fall alpaca crias.

Ima Joy kissing Obsydyan while mom Tequila stands close (photo by Alice Singh)

Sharla picking up Obsydyan to move inside (photo by Alice Singh)

Obsydyan inside

Obsydyan warm and dry

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