It’s A(nother) Boy! New alpaca cria

Peaceful Heart's Electric Snow & Peaceful Heart's Timbuctoo

Electric Snow gave birth to her first cria (baby alpaca, pronounced cree-ah) on October 18, 2011.  He is a sweet white boy named Timbuctoo.  Timbuctoo, “Buck” weighed 14.8 pounds at birth, smaller than our crias typically have been, but within the average alpaca cria weight of 14-20 pounds.  He was nursing regularly throughout the day, and moving all around the pasture with mom Snow.

Timbuctoo nursing

Our other fall alpaca crias and mamas were all excited to come over and check out Timbuctoo as he started to get to his feet and move around.  Our newest little girl Angelica and her mom Ima Joy were particularly interested in Buck and spent a lot of time close to Snow and Buck during the first day.

Electric Snow & Timbuctoo with Ima Joy & Angelica

Timbuctoo’s sire is our Reserve Color Champion Lord Tennyson.  Like his brothers Becket and Milton, Timbuctoo gets his name from one of the works of our Tennyson’s namesake, the poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Peaceful Heart's Lord Tennyson

Timbuctoo is our fourth white alpaca born this fall, and 7th male cria out of 9 born in 2011.  Angelica is hoping for another girl among the last two due this year.  Hopefully she’ll have a girl playmate soon, but all the crias are having fun playing together.  Our first fall cria Lightning Bolt is King of the Pasture, and Angelica is the Princess.  Come by and see them and their pasture buddies.  We hope to have our last two 2011 alpaca crias join them soon.

Pasture Parade - Ima Joy, Lightning Bolt, Sunspot, Angelica

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